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The School of Engineering (SENG) of Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (Technological Education Institute of Piraeus), since its institution by greek law 1404/1983, has been offering engineering studies of high academic standards, thus maintaining a long educational tradition within the greek higher education system. In parallel, SENG has achieved a dynamically increasing presence and contribution in Research and Technological Development. SENG is proud of a renewed academic faculty and staff (research, technical, administrative) who - according to recent law requirements - possess high academic / administrative qualifications and experience that warrantee constant Faculty development and contribution to the greek society and economy. 

SENG is located in the central Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (Technological Education Institute of Piraeus) campus, within the Olivier of Athens historic district (250, Thivon & P.Ralli str., GR-12244, Athens-Egaleo, GREECE) wherein it occupies Buildings B, C, E and Z.

Today SENG is comprised of seven (7) Departments offering 4-years (240 ECTS) undergraduate study programmes that lead to the degree of Technological Education Engineer of the corresponding field (Automation, Electrical, Electronics, Electronic Computer Systems, Textiles, Mechanical and Civil engineering). 

In parallel, the seven School Departments offer a variety of Graduate Degree Programmes (MSc level, 90-120 ECTS), either departmental or joint, in collaboration with other greek or foreign Universities.




The School of Engineering administration includes

·            the School Director (Dean),

·            the School Council, formed by the Heads of the Departments and an elected representative of the undergraduate students, and

·            the School General Assembly (not yet operational, according to law 4009/2011). 

Current School of Engineering Administration


Vice Dean

Malatestas, Pantelis Alafodimos, Konstantinos

Heads of the Departments


Alafodimos, Konstantinos Tseles, Demetrios
Vassiliadis, Savvas Savvaidis, Stylianos
Gravas, Eythymios Vassiliadis, Alexandros
Demakos, Konstantinos Varelides, Georgios
Ellinas, Ioannis Leventis, Soterios
Ioannides, Georgios Psomopoulos, Konstantinos 
Stergiou, Konstantinos Kaldellis, Ioannis

Faculty Secretariat


Kanellopoulou, Panagiota (Head)

Barlas, Konstantinos

Papakyriakou, Chrysoula




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School of Engineering Secretary, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (Technological Education Institute of Piraeus)  250, Thivon & P.Ralli str., GR-12244, Athens-Egaleo, GREECE

Tel: +30 210 538-1011, -1212

Fax: +30 210 5450967

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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