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After completing the program of study the student has the specialized knowledge and practical experience to successfully can operate either independently or to work as an accountant in business or in the financial industry. Also can according to Law. 3912/2011 to be registered as a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece.



1. Analyze financial statements

2. Describe technical financial accounting

3. To formulate the principles of financial accounting and implementation issues of accounting standards

4. To compile and analyze accounting reports

5. To analyze quantitative and qualitative data of accounting information

6. Describe, distinguish and investigate costing methods.

7. To formulate, describe and nalyei issues revaluation of fixed assets and labor and commercial law and amortization evaluation, analysis and investment management, capital analysis, financial markets, specific budgetary issues, specific accounting profession ethics issues, accounting theory and accounting theory thinking, financial theory and modern theories of financial analysis, the use of computer systems analysis and quantitative aspects of mergers and acquisitions.

8. Analyze issues of internal control and corporate governance, special assets and amortization adjustment issues, specific labor issues, commercial law and labor scheseonkathos well as financial management of undertakings.

9. Analyze auditing

10. To formulate, investigate and analyze issues related to accounting theory and research as well as financial theory and research on the direction chosen.



1. To establish and manage accounts and budgets.

2. Develop financial analysis

3. To manage fiscal matters.

4. keep records of all categories

5. Make use of costing methods.

6. To manage financial assets of enterprises.

7. To apply rational and efficient management techniques.

8. To conduct research in the subject of accounting and finance.

9. To effectively manage the stocks and funds of enterprises and to effectively apply the IAS and GAS for drafting accounting business situations.

10. To check the tax and financial data of the enterprises applying methods modern setting auditing both tax audit issues and on internal and external audit issues.



1. Perform budgets, implement methods of quantitative and qualitative research in accounting and financial.

2. To select and apply cost accounting methods.

3. To support large accounting firms.

4. To provide advice on accounting issues market

5. Evaluate business.

6. To cooperate in research and professional level with other accountants and financial analysts.

7. To satisfy and meet the modern demands of the market to the profession of accountant and financial analyst.


Object of the PSP is the postgraduate training of graduates of Accounting and Finance and graduates of Higher Education Institutions (Greek and foreign) for the treatment of increased professional demands of the labor market and deepening the items on a theoretical level. The purpose of P.M.S is the training of students of accounting and finance research and scientific approach in solving business problems that are important business content of this Master Plan.