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T.E.I. Piraeus offers technological theoretical and practical education directly applied to the needs of the market. Courses last for eight semesters, which includes a six-month period of Practical Training and writing a dissertation . T.E.I  Piraeus, also offers  post-graduate programs that are officially incorporated into the educational system. The study at T.E.I, is provided free of tuition and education material and is supervised by the Ministry of Education.

Head of the Administration of TEI Piraeus is Professor Lazaros Vrizidis, President. There are two Vice Presidents, Professor Antonis Antoniou and Prof. Constantine Cantzos

Faculty of Engineering

     Department of Automation Engineering

     Department of Electrical Engineering

     Department of Electronic Engineering

     Department of Computer Engineering

     Department of Textiles Engineering

     Department of Mechanical Engineering

     Department of Civil Engineering


T.E.I.  Piraeus’s is located in Western Attica in the Municipality of Egaleo, alongside P. Ralli and Thivon Street. The buildings are located on the edge of the historic Elaionas area of Athens, where philosophers used to teach in ancient times (e.g. Plato’s Academia).

Faculty of Management and Finance

    Department of Business Administration

    Department of Accounting

     Department of Tourism Management

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